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Shine Bright

RGB Backlighting

Vanity shrines
with added

Select a colour. Change it. Run a program.
It's your choice.

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Hollywood mirrors with full-colour backlights.

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Vanity Shrine

Transform your vanity shrine

The amazing table top Hollywood with full colour backlighting lets you bathe your room in mood lighting to create an atmosphere at the touch of a button.

Complete Control

Complete control

Independently controlled front and rear lights for maximum flexibility.

Set the dimmable front lights for perfect make-up illumination or combine with the coloured backlights for a unique, atmospheric vanity shrine.

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Dimmable Lamp

Use as a dimmable lamp

Equivalent to a 60W traditional light bulb when on white, use your mirror as a lamp without the need for a dimmer switch installed.

Compact Remote Control

With the handheld remote control (included), you can switch on or off, change the colour, choose colour-changing programs or dim the lights to suit your needs.


Match your mood, match your style with one of five settings. Watch the video now >
  • Static: Choose from 16 static colours including pure white
  • Fade:Gradually fades through each colour in the spectrum
  • Flash:Jumps to a different colour every second
  • Strobe: Turns Red, Green and Blue on and off in fast sequence
  • Smooth:Gently switches from Red, Green and Blue
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Self-contained No WiFi, Bluetooth, Apps or external hardware required! Just plug in your mirror and remotely control your full-colour backlights.